New Settings 2019

10 Sep 2019
21 Dec 2019
Ana Rita Teodoro, "FoFo" © Marc Domage
Merce Cunningham, "Cross Currents / Pond Way / Walkaround Time", The Royal Ballet / Opera Ballet Vlaanderen / Ballet de l’Opéra national de Paris © Filip Van Roe
Kat Válastur, "Arcana Swarm" © Leon Eixenberger
Begüm Erciyas, "Pillow Talk" © Elodie Dauguet
For the 9th consecutive year, New Settings offers a new selection of performances developed with the support of the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès. For this latest edition, the public is invited to discover eighteen performances in partner institutions across the Île-de-France and one project in New York. A landmark event in the autumn cultural calendar, New Settings stands out for its range of hybrid artistic propositions that consistently shake up the traditional boundaries between disciplines.

Through New Settings, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès supports artists creating original, offbeat forms, who venture into unknown territories and new disciplines to create singular works that extend the possibilities of the performing arts. This year, Xavier Veilhan and Gerard & Kelly offer exceptional pieces that go far beyond the beaten track. French visual artist Veilhan orchestrates a Canadian dancer twirling across an ice rink installed in La Villette, while American duo Gerard & Kelly transpose their choreographic practice to the spaces of Le Corbusier’s modernist architecture. Other projects invoke original disciplines, with French company GdRA undertaking a project centred on an extended anthropological study. French duo Jeanne Moynot & Anne-Sophie Turion, meanwhile, offer a devilish take on the art of flower arranging, while self-taught French singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Nosfell introduces us to his dreamlike universe. Finally, Turkish artist Begüm Erciyas draws on technology to offer an unsettling, immersive project.

From one edition to the next, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès reaffirms its support for artists as they take these radical steps, daring them to push their research and their creations ever further to conceive genuinely audacious pieces. Propelled by this dynamic, French choreographer and dancer Boris Charmatz builds on his previous work, 10000 gestes, with a new project that reaches for nothing less than infinity. A new trio composed of Spanish performer La Ribot, French choreographer Mathilde Monnier and Portuguese director Tiago Rodrigues, meanwhile, offers a humorous interpretation of the savage nature of theatre. This year also sees a new generation of artists look to the future of our world, with Portuguese choreographer Ana Rita Teodoro interrogating the distinction between the real and the virtual while Danish choreographer and dancer Mette Ingvartsen and Greek choreographer Kat Válastur both set out to consider our ability to confront technological developments. In New York, Cyril Teste will present his ambitious version of Opening Night, and lead a masterclass with students in the PIMA (Performance and Interactive Media Arts) programme at Brooklyn College thanks to a partnership with the FIAF (French Institute Alliance Française).

A resolutely living vision of transmission firmly anchored in our contemporary age constitutes a final dimension of the New Settings programme: this year, the Foundation’s support for the four evenings of the Merce Cunningham Portrait stems from a desire not only to pay tribute to the oeuvre of this major American artist but also to recognise his influence on new generations of dancers. For French choreographer Daniel Larrieu, transmission is indeed to be found precisely in the bodies, postures and movements of those who interpret his work. La Ribot, meanwhile, presents another step on her idiosyncratic but rigorous artistic trajectory in the form of a performance piece emblematic of her blend of choreography, visual art and the performing arts.

2019’s programme also attests to the Foundation’s long-term commitment to artists it has supported in previous editions of New Settings, including Mathilde Monnier, Boris Charmatz, Cyril Teste and Xavier Veilhan.  

All of the works featured in New Settings are selected through an international call for projects launched by the Foundation each year. Ongoing exchanges with the programme’s partner institutions – Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, Festival d’Automne à Paris, Nanterre-Amandiers, Théâtre de la Ville, the Centre Pompidou, and the FIAF in New York – are also integral to the creation of each edition.

Performing arts
New Settings stands out for its range of hybrid artistic propositions that consistently blur disciplinary boundaries.
The public is invited to discover eighteen performances in partner institutions across the Île-de-France and one project in New York.
New Settings supports the development of performances at the frontier of the performing and visual arts.


  • Performed in the Île-de-France region

    In partnership with le Théâtre de la Villele Centre Pompidoule Théâtre de la Cité internationalele Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiersle Festival d'Automne.

    At the Théâtre de la Cité internationale :

    • Le GdRA, SELVE - Itu jekët Sylvana, La Guerre des Natures t2 
    • Daniel Larrieu, Chiquenaudes & Romance en Stuc 
    • Nosfell, Le Corps des songes
    • Jeanne Moynot & Anne-Sophie Turion, Belles plantes
    • Ana Rita Teodoro, FoFo
    • Kat Válastur, Arcana Swarm

    With the Festival d’Automne à Paris :

    • Merce Cunningham, quatre programmes
    • Boris Charmatz, infini 
    • Gerard & Kelly, Modern Living 
    • Mette Ingvarsten, Moving in Concert
    • La Ribot, Panoramix
    • La Ribot, Mathilde Monnier, Tiago Rodrigues, Please Please Please

    At Nanterre-Amandiers – Centre dramatique national :

    Begüm Erciyas, Pillow Talk 

    With the Théâtre de la Ville :

    Kat Válastur, Arcana Swarm 

    At La Villette :

    Xavier Veilhan, Compulsory Figures 

  • Presented in New York

    En partenariat avec la FIAF/Festival Crossing the Line :

    • Cyril Teste, Opening Night 

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